Thank you for your interest in delivering phonebooks.  Below is an outline of the delivery process, please read through and if you would like to apply click the button below to complete the registration form;

  1. We contact you to confirm available delivery areas and the amount you can delivery.
  2. We send you delivery instructions, OHS requirements, a delivery map of each area and a list of opt out addresses (do not delivery addresses).
  3.  We arrange to drop off the books at a storage address of your choosing when the books become available or you can arrange to collect the books from the warehouse.
  4.  We issue you with a GPS unit when you receive the books. The GPS must be used during the delivery to validate the areas delivered.
  5.  You deliver the books within the time frame provided.
  6.  You send us an invoice for each completed area and return the GPS unit.
  7.  We check the GPS and visually inspect the area.
  8.  You get paid once the area has been signed off by Sensis.
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