How does it work

You get paid per book, so the more books you deliver the more money you will raise.  You can work alone, with a partner or as a team.

We will provide detailed OHS requirements, delivery maps and contract information before you start.

You will also get access to a portal to manage and track your deliveries and select suitable areas you are interested in delivering.

How much can i earn

You can earn as much as you like provide you have the resources to delivery the books within the allowed timeframe.  The book deliveries are divided up by Suburb and the rate per book is defined upfront for each suburb.

We would recommend delivering the Suburb where you are based and maybe some surround areas if you have the resources and the time.  Contact us and we can discuss further.

Below are some examples of what some groups have earned;

  • A Primary School in Warrnambool, delivered 19,644 books and earned $4,911
  • A Football Netball Club in Mildura delivered 15,840 books and earned $3,960
  • A Scout Group in Torquay delivered 8,010 books and earned $2,002

What do I need

You will need a vehicle to deliver the book in, a car, ute, van or small truck.  If the books will be exposed to the weather you may need a tarp or cover to keep them protected and dry.

A hand trolley is useful for wheeling the books around.  They are not heavy, just bulky.

Comfortable shoes are a must as you will be on your feet walking around getting fit!

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